Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In bloom

Pre-warning: this post is flower heavy. I helped out at a recent photo-shoot in Richmond park and before I post about the shoot I just wanted to share with you all how beautiful this place is! Such an amazing location. Different flowers everywhere you turn, lakes, parrots, DEER! And it was boilinggg hot, so thank goodness we had the trees for shade (on the downside this is why my pics aren't very bright).

I was dressed casually in a Topshop slouchy jersey playsuit, tan belt, white blazer and trusty Vans. Oh and the sunglasses are from H&M :)

I can't wait to post about the amazing shoot from here!

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  1. so gorgeous!


  2. your outfit is amazing, I want it! xx

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  4. Looks so beautiful there! <3 I love your outfit, the flowers are amazing!

    Big love for your blog :)